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Denise La Fleur is cleaning her house, but why is she wearing a tight top that shows so much cleavage? Well, this 40-year-old wife and mom always dresses to show off her body, but here, she has an ulterior motive: She expects her husband to come home any minute, and when he walks through the door, she's planning on getting down on her knees and sucking his cock. Maybe tit-fucking him. Definitely fucking him. So, as Mrs. La Fleur cleans, we get very nice views of her big tits and beautiful ass. We've never had so much fun watching a woman do housework. But then she gets a call from her husband. He's going to be home late. She's disappointed. He's a fool. "I'm so horny right now," she tells Mr. La Fleur. "I was hoping you'd be home. I'm dripping right now. You're missing out." Fortunately, Mr. La Fleur's loss is going to be our gain. "He can't expect me to wait," she says after hanging up. "I'm so wet right now." So, rather than waiting, Denise gets her tits out and licks her pierced nipples. She plays with them then she lies back, takes off her panties and fingers her beautiful, pink, gaping pussy. Although, as we said, her hubby is a fool for not rushing home, we gotta give the guy some credit: He's a big reason she's here, showing off her body and fucking for all the world to see. "He encouraged me to be confident and not worry about what other people think," Denise said. She used to have friends who tried to shame her. "I was raised in a very strict, conservative household, so we couldn't even talk about sex," she said. "I've really come a long way in a number of years."
"I have a show for you," 47-year-old Brandi Minx says at the start of this video. "I'm going to give you a striptease and a little solo show. I wonder if that's what you gentlemen would like...and maybe you ladies, too." Yep, we'd like it. We always enjoy checking out Brandi's hot little body. "I can take care of myself and you can take care of yourself, too!" Thanks for the invitation, Brandi, but we already have our cocks out. As for Brandy, she gets her fingers in her pussy while she helpfully spreads her asshole for our viewing pleasure. MommysToyTime: What do you do to make your guy feel special? Brandi: Nothing. [Laughs] Just kidding! Actually, being considerate and patient. Sharing my thoughts and also being very vocal, especially when we're fucking. I let him know what I want him to do and I want him to do the same for me. MommysToyTime: What makes you laugh? Brandi: Sitcoms, funny movies, certain scenarios, funny jokes, real-life comedy. MommysToyTime: What makes you horny? Brandi: Watching good porn! Sexy guys in jeans. Playing with my toys. MommysToyTime: What's the best compliment you've ever received? Brandi: Nice eyes. Nice ass. Also, I like when guys tell me I have a fun personality. The worst? I look good for my age. Don't ever say that, guys. Just say, "You look good."
In her first-ever scene, 41-year-old wife and mom Kim Kreme strips out of sexy lingerie, spreads her shapely legs and fucks herself with a big dildo while she sucks on another fake cock. She moans because she cums a lot. "My family and friends would definitely be surprised to see me here," Kim said. "I'm usually conservative around people I know." Kim was born in the Philippines and lives in North Carolina. She enjoys cooking, gardening and exercising. Kim is only 4'9" tall, and she has a cute little ass to go along with her perky tits. She has been a waitress and has worked at a women's spa and in a clothing factory. And now she's doing this, which beats all of those jobs hands-down. But as we like to say, modeling for us isn't a job. It's an adventure. Kim's perfect day: "Go to the beach then out for dinner and then back to the bedroom for great sex." She also told us, "I dress sexy. I like to show my body. I work hard to stay fit." It shows. Although Kim calls herself conservative, she and her husband are swingers. She's had sex with two men at the same time. Her fantasy is for a cute, young guy to seduce her. The way she looks, it's bound to happen.
When this scene opens, 48-year-old Amber Lace is sleeping and starting to wake up. Why on earth would you want to watch a woman sleeping? Because this woman has big tits and a huge, round ass and she's wearing little panties and a white top. She rolls over, giving us a great view of her beautiful ass, then starts touching herself. Ya gotta love a woman who wakes up horny. Then Amber heads to the bathroom, where she takes a shower and touches herself some more before drying off, again bending over so we can see her ass. And what does Amber do next? Does she get dressed to start her day? Nope. She goes back to bed, now totally naked, takes a cock toy out of her nightstand and fucks her pussy with it. The highlight is when Amber turns over onto all fours, spreads her butt cheeks and fucks herself from behind, butthole in full view. She cums hard. And her friends wonder why Amber walks around happy all day! Amber is a wife and mom from Southern California. She's definitely not one of those hard-bodied MILFs who spend their days at the gym and starve themselves. She's lush, soft and curvy in a very womanly way. "I'm not really into any sports," Amber said. "I enjoy gardening, arts and crafts and dancing. And I have sex at least five times a week." What Amber finds sexy: "Nice butts, people who care about their appearance but don't overdo it, hygiene and a guy who smells good." Sexual fantasies: "I really don't have any, but I think it's hot when I see porn where the girl is fucked fully clothed, skirt up and panties pulled to the side." Amber on being watched while having sex: "I prefer not to be watched, but I don't mind as long as whoever's watching doesn't become a cheerleader." In other words, guys, jack but don't talk.