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Now 55 years old, divorcee and mom Constance Joy is back for a brand-new scene. It starts with her doing some housework. She goes to her daughter's room to straighten up, and when she looks in her daughter's drawer, what does she find? A big dildo! "I never knew my daughter liked such big cocks," Constance says, licking and sucking it. "I'm going to have to try this." She rubs the toy against her tits then lies back on her daughter's bed and fucks herself. Hmmm...what if Constance's daughter finds Mom's pussy juice stains in her bed? Better change those sheets, Constance. We asked Constance the classic question: length or girth? "Girth," she said. "With girth, you feel it on the sides and it hits more spots. When it's more narrow, it's not hitting the sides as much and going up towards your belly button, and what's up there? Nothing. But it depends on how he uses it, too." In other words, if you don't know how to drive a Corvette, it may as well be a Corolla. Constance has had a lot of jobs. "I worked for a school system in Michigan. I was in property management. I was a foster mother. I was a caregiver to my parents, so for a lot of my life, I was caring for others, and now it's time for me to take care of me." She's doing that, but when you think about it, she's taking care of us, too, isn't she?
Beth McKenna, a tall, long-legged, 52-year-old wife from Mississippi, is looking very classy and elegant in her long, red dress, something she might wear to go out to a fancy party or restaurant, but nobody ever said that classy, elegant women can't be sexy and horny, too. Turns out that Beth is wearing a garter belt and stockings, and she toys her hairy pussy. We asked Beth about her first experience here, and this is what she had to say. MommysToyTime: Did you see the scenes you shot the first time you were here? Beth: I did. MommysToyTime: Who'd you watch them with? Beth: I watched them by myself. MommysToyTime: What did you think about them? Beth: I liked them. I thought they were sexy and well done. I thought the editing was well done as well. MommysToyTime: Have you had sex while watching your scenes? Beth: No. I tend to watch my scenes not for sexual gratification but for research and to improve my scenes in the future. Watching myself on-camera is not a sexual experience for me, but it is enjoyable when I feel I've done well in that scene. MommysToyTime: Has shooting your first scenes with us changed you? Beth: I don't think so. I am still humble. I still want to work and I continue to enjoy what I do. I learned a lot shooting with you.
"So for you today, I brought three of my colorful toys," 51-year-old wife and mom Alby Daor says. "I'm gonna be air-tight, and they're going to go in all of my holes and I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum really hard. But first I want to show you the outfit I've put on for you." It's a slinky, shimmering dress that shows off Alby's beautiful little body, including her very sexy back. Underneath that dress, she's wearing sparkly panties that don't cover much at all. Alby also has pierced nipples, so she's a well-decorated woman. Alby lies back and rubs her pussy through her panties. Then she slides the anal beads up her ass pipe and another dildo into her pussy. She DPs herself with a variety of toys, one of them very big, and sucks on another dildo, making herself air-tight. Alby hasn't been air-tight with real cocks yet, but she did get DP'd at and shared a cock with her best friend, Jynn, at She's as sexy and horny as a woman can be. "Filming has enhanced my sexuality," Alby said. "I get excited knowing that people have seen me having sex on film. I love to tell everyone I have done porn. This experience has also made me take better care of myself physically so I look my best." We asked Alby what she does to make her man happy, and she said, "I do everything I can for him at all times and do whatever he asks of me, no matter what or where. He has trained me well, and I am rewarded by him fulfilling all of my desires." She's fulfilling all of our desires, too.
Today, Juliett Russo, a 54-year-old mother and divorcee from Venezuela, is giving you a Spanish language lesson, using her body to teach you. You're going to find out how to say words like tits, asshole and pussy in Spanish. If you can keep from jacking off long enough, you might learn something, but we doubt you'll be able to keep from jacking off. Hey, members, do your homework! But first watch Juliett suck and tit-fuck a big, thick dildo and stuff it inside her tight, pink Latina snatch. Juliett lives in Miami, Florida. She's 5'2", 128 pounds with firm, round, C-cup tits. She's into pole dancing, cooking and baking. She likes humble men with a sense of humor. She once had sex in a boat. She's never had sex with another woman. And she's not a swinger or a nudist. "I'm a teacher," Juliett said. "I worked as a teacher in my home country." She's also had her own catering company. When we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, "Some people would, some won't because most people say I am a sexy woman and also because I was a model and an actress when I was young. I am a happy woman. Cheerful, fun, outgoing." And, as it turns out, very educational.