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When this scene opens, 43-year-old, big-titted Maggie Green is wearing white shorts and a tight top and doing some housework. Somebody is with her, and she tells this unseen person to help her clean up the mess. But then she notices something. "Are you checking me out?" she asks, looking at the camera. Are you sitting there looking down my blouse while I'm bending over picking up stuff you messed up? You're kidding me, right?" Wrong. "That's why you're always leaving your stuff everywhere," she says. "You like to watch me bend over a little bit. I'm not sure if I should be mad or kinda flattered." Flattered. "Instead of going through all this trouble, you could've asked me for a little show." She gives us one. She jiggles her tits and wiggles her ass into the camera. She gets her tits out and self-sucks them, then she takes off everything else she's wearing, displays her big ass, slaps it and fucks herself with a toy. And to think...all we had to do was ask!
When we asked 43-year-old redhead and mother of two Nina Lakes if she's ever been called a MILF, she smiled and said, "Yes, and I never knew what it was for the longest time. I eventually caught on. I had to ask someone." Nina, who's from Ohio and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, is definitely a mother we'd like to fuck. Here, it's all about the pussy as Nina fills it with one of her favorite toys. It's long and thick, and we love how rather than taking off her panties, Nina pulls them aside to fuck herself. That's the surest sign that a woman is super-horny; she doesn't even want to waste time taking off the rest of her clothes. Nina is bi-sexual. She loves anal sex. She once fucked twin brothers. We asked her what she finds sexy and she said, "A man who loves his children." Will she settle for a man who loves MILFs?
Today, we get to know Denise La Fleur, a 40-year-old wife and mother of two from Houston, Texas. You can try to pay attention to the interview that opens this scene, but chances are your eyes will stray to her cleavage. It's nicely displayed in her tight, low-cut top, and she has DDD-cup tits. Denise has a sexy, friendly way about her, and we're going to see just how friendly she is on Thursday, when she sucks and fucks on-camera for the first time. Denise's hubby is very supportive of her. Her kids are very supportive of Mom, too, but when we asked her if they know she's here, doing this, she said, "They know I am in Florida. They know I am a model and I do boudoir modeling and such, but that's all they need to know." Boudoir modeling, eh? More about Denise: She was born in Tennessee. She enjoys biking, painting, drawing, music and watching football and baseball. And get this: Denise and her hubby are subscribers. "My husband and I have had a subscription to for a few years now," she said. "We always joked about contacting you when we first saw the link for 'Modeling Jobs.' So last fall, I told my husband, 'Let's do it...seriously.' So we sent an email with some pictures and the rest is history." Part of that history is in this scene, when Denise takes off her top, gets her tits out and fucks her pussy with a big toy. Great to have you with us, Mrs. La Fleur.
"I'm gonna tell you something really fun today," 40-year-old Katlynn Keys says at the start of this scene. "I'm not gonna tell you what it is just yet. I just wanna give you a little tease so you might guess. It might be something around here," she says, touching her ass. "Something that I really enjoy is between the cheeks. I'm gonna tell you why and tell you how." Hmmm...Katlynn isn't exactly burying the lede here, is she? And later in the scene, she's going to bury a vibrator deep inside her sweet peach of an ass. By the way, the XXX sequel to this scene is at Mommy'sToyTime: What kinds of dates do you like to go on? Katlynn: Adventurous dates, chill dates, romantic dates. Any type. Mommy'sToyTime: How does a man attract your attention? Katlynn: By coming across with a genuine sense of humor. That gets me every time. And talking with his eyes. Mommy'sToyTime: What is sexy to you? Katlynn: The mind! A person who is explorative in knowledge and yearns to learn. 4Mommy'sToyTime: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Katlynn: Definitely passive. Mommy'sToyTime: Anal sex? Katlynn: Yes, please! The sensation and orgasms are great.